Scratch cards are an excellent way to engage with customers, promote your brand and increase revenue. It’s simple… The participant either buys or is given a scratch card. If it reveals the winning combination, the big prize is theirs!

How it works

Select the scratch card theme and winning prize for your promotion. Once a package has been selected, you can begin to promote it to customers. We offer prizes up to £1 million and if someone wins, WE pay out the prize money!

This promotion can also be adapted to pay out for smaller prizes or merchandise for specified numbers or logos that are scratched off, depending on what you want to give away.

What it delivers to you

The promotion can be used to entertain clients, promote your services at an event, or as part of a product launch. The application is very flexible, tailored to your own specific needs.

Scratch Cards Study

Example of a ‘Scratch Card’ promotion

BMW Park Lane came to Sports Alive to help them run a campaign to increase sales during a traditionally slow time in the industry. We helped by coming up with a mechanism whereby every person who bought a car from BMW Park Lane during the promotional period got the chance t get their car for FREE! We produced 10,000 scratch cards and after purchase the customer picked a card out of the box and if they picked the lucky card they got their car for free. There were all sorts of secondary prizes from branded merchandise to free servicing!

The promotion was a huge success with many more cars being sold during the promotional period than had been done so previously.

Why not give a call to see how we can help design a scratch card promotion around your next saes event?

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