One of the best and simplest prediction promotions out there, Predicta LIVE brings people into your building at a low cost to you week after week after week. Customers can predict final scores for selected football matches, the finishing order of horse races or motor sports events, or even the winners of award ceremonies. Affordable for all types of venues and companies, it is completely free for customers to take part, ensuring they return again and again. Easy to run with no equipment to buy, we bring the equipment, plug it into the wall, turn it on and train your staff, all in 30 minutes! The cost to you is a fraction of the prize value.

How it works

Entrants are challenged to predict the finishing order of a certain sport or event. Prizes can range from £5,000 to £1 million, with Sports Alive paying out the prize money if someone gets all their predictions correct. We recommend a weekly grand prize of £10,000.

What it delivers to you

This promotion is fantastic for venues which have 50 to 1,000 visitors/members per week to keep them coming back, or to entertain visitors during or after an event at an unbelievably low cost. As a venue, if you get a winner, you could also receive a cash prize in the region of £2,500! (Venues would be required to sign up to at least five weeks’ promotion.)

Predicta Live Case Study

Example of a ‘Predicta Live’ promotion

JenningsBet £10,000 Weekly Football Challenge

JenningsBet and Better came to Sports Alive Ltd as they liked the look and flexibility of the Predicta concept.

Since then we have worked with them and installed our software within their till system making taking entries simple.

The promotion is a fantastic success and is working to drive footfall and repeat visits into the JenningsBet estate. It is also promoting their Football bets each and every week!

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