Challenge your customers to ‘guess the number plate’ to be in with the chance of winning a great prize if they get the missing digits right. Ideal for all types of promotion!

How it works

Sports Alive will deliver our specially-designed number plate direct to the venue. All you have to do is challenge people to try and guess the mystery digits. You pay a single fixed fee for your promotion, which includes the insurance for the grand prize. The promotion can be designed around your needs and can last for a day, a month… It is up to you. We offer prizes up to £1 million, and if someone wins, WE pay out the prize money!

What it delivers to you

A completely versatile promotion. Perfect for events, exhibitions or car dealerships, the number plate acts like a magnet, attracting people to you, your stand and/or your products.

Guess The Number Plate Case Study

Example of a ‘Guess The Plate’ promotion

To promote the launch of a new model of car a dealership used the Guess the Plate promotion to bring people into the showroom. Anyone who came into the show room during the promotion got the chance to guess the number plate, there were two letter and two numbers missing. If anyone did guess the plate they would have walked away with a brand new car!

The promotion worked well in getting people to the showroom and interacting with staff who could highlight some of the benefits and attractive features of the new car.

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