Gift and Win cards can be sold at your retail outlet as an impulse purchase, promoting your brand and increasing revenue. An instant win component which immediately engages customers, Gift and Win cards are a great way to drive your customers from retail to online.

How it works

Select the card theme and winning prize for your promotion. Once a package has been selected, you can begin to promote it to customers. We offer prizes up to £1 million and if someone wins, WE pay out the prize money!

This promotion can also be adapted to pay out for smaller prizes or merchandise for specified numbers or logos that are scratched off, depending on what you want to give away.

What it delivers to you

The promotion offers a strong impulse buy opportunity. The application is very flexible, tailored to your own specific needs.

Gift And Win Case Study

Example of a ‘Gift And Win’ promotion

JetStar airlines have been successfully using Gift and Win onboard and in airports as a means to not only raise revenue but also to engage with customers and increase online sales. The Gift and win cards have been very well received and our fantastic staff rewards program aids the sales process and rewards staff for making sales!

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