Participants are given a wallet, or have the opportunity to choose one, winning the contents. Ideal for charity events, with the aim of offering an entertaining competition to draw in the crowds. One wallet will contain the main prize, with smaller prizes contained in some of the other wallets.

How it works

Sports Alive will send out a quantity of sealed wallets ready for your promotion or event. These can be branded with your company logo or the sponsor’s details. If the wallet containing the large prize is selected, Sports Alive will pay out the prize money. The smaller prizes can be sourced by Sports Alive as part of the package, or you can supply your own branded merchandise. It’s very easy to set up and run, and can provide you with a very cost-effective promotion, at a fraction of the price of the large prize.

What it delivers to you

The promotion can be used to entertain clients, promote your services at an event, or as part of a product launch. The application is very flexible, tailored to your own specific needs.

Envelope Picks Case Study

Example of an ‘Envelope Picks’ promotion

Empire Casino offered guests the chance to ‘Pick until they won’ with a fantastic Chinese New Year Promotion. With £30,000 as the top prize! Sports Alive supplied everything they needed to run the promotion from scratch cards to the Pick until you win prize board. Lucky winners kept picking envelopes until they found 5 matching symbols  and won the prize that matched that symbol. 

A great promotion and the Empire Casino were safe in the knowledge that if the £30,000 was won then Sports Alive paid it out for them. A big prize promotion costing a fraction of the £30,000 on offer.

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